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A tight spot

It’s always great when we can help a client when they’re in a tight spot (pun intended) and when partners Peter Green and Yellow Interiors asked for advice to fit their joint display into a 3 x 1 m area at Portsmouth Expo we were more than happy to see what we could do.

From initial sketch to render

They brought us an initial sketch and their floor plan which we used to see how best we could fit their ideas into the 3 x 1 m stand area.

Unfortunately the stand size was a little small to fit the desired curving adjoining panels from the pack to the sides in the area as can be seen by our first render.

The initial display system layout overhangs into the walkway, a definite no-no at any Expo.

Working on a solution

So with some tweaking of panel sizes and some creative thinking, we found a solution to overcome the space issues whilst still having a great looking stand.

We developed the design shown below.

This fits perfectly into the allocated space and with the modular system chosen, allows our client to expand on their display for future exhibitions.

Completing the design

Next was placing the client’s designs into place to visualise how the finished display would look.

There was also a small change with a different cabinet that their TV is above being sourced. After a look around the final render to make sure everything is in position and fits…


the build

We put together the display in our large format department on 3 x 1 m guides to ensure it would all fit in the Expo’s area, the graphics are in position and of course importantly look great.

Which it did!

and finally..

Two of our team took the stand to the Expo with our client to set it up and make sure the final display looked perfect for the show.

Which again, it did!

This was a very interesting and enjoyable project, the client is very happy with the end result and we always enjoy a little challenge to stretch ourselves.

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