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The gurus of direct imaging

We were recently featured in Print Solutions magazine, Summer 2018.

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Diguru is a small printing company, yet it manages to pack so much in – quality, service, innovation, expertise, and pioneering technology.

Print Solutions visited Diguru to find out more…

Based in Eastleigh, Hampshire, the friendly team at Diguru offers digital, wide format and offset production. The ‘offset’ comes in the form of two 34DI (direct imaging) presses from Presstek, one of which has recently been retrofitted with an Eco-UV system.

Diguru is known as something of a pioneer, producing work across a number of sectors for customers all over the UK – everything from board games and greetings cards, to stationery and brochures, personalised direct mail and reports. It also produces a selection of short run packaging, NCR forms, displays, and specialist finishing.

The ability to produce such a breadth of high quality work is enabled by having the right tools and technology in place – and the Presstek DIs ensure that Diguru can output a wide range of commercial jobs to high quality standards – in fast turnaround times and in the lower run lengths that are needed in today’s market.


The company, which was formed back in 2010, to offer customers an alternative to long run offset, went with Presstek DI from the outset, and five years later invested in a second press as demand for its high quality work increased.

Managing director Luke Willett and senior partner Richard Harwood may be convinced by the DI technology, yet say that being successful is about more than having a good press.

‘We like working with Presstek,’ said Luke, ‘the company gives us lots of support, and we are really happy with the DI presses.’

The DIs allow the company to hit the sweet spot between very short runs – which it processes on its Heidelberg Linoprint CV, which was the first of these digital presses in the UK – and much longer runs that would be more suitable for conventional offset.

And, this puts Diguru in a perfect place to take advantage of a market that is heading into run lengths up to 10,000; but Diguru is flexible enough to also use the DIs for much shorter runs too.

‘The presses work really well,’ added Luke, ‘and we are gaining real benefits from the Eco-UV as well. Now, jobs come off the press ready to go into finishing, which makes us much more productive, as we don’t have to wait for them to dry – which is saving us a huge amount of time.’

He continued, ‘Again, Presstek has been great to work with. The Eco-UV retrofitting took four days and was carried out very professionally. Presstek then provided us with training and support.

‘Although we are still in the early days with Eco-UV, we are impressed with the benefits it is giving us, and we think that it will really help our business to grow. Eco-UV is definitely helping us to be faster and more efficient, whilst keeping our quality high.’ –PS.

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